Take A Picture

Da 411 on Take A Picture

Each Wednesday I’ll post a prompt for the upcoming week. On the following hump day, I’ll post my pic and give you an opportunity to post a link up to your blog.  Here’s the short list of the guidelines if you’d like to join me and party hardy photog style.

  • Shoot with anything you desire that has a camera.  This can be your phone, instax, holga, dslr…whatever turns you on.  They say the best camera is the one that you have with you.  I’m going to use my dslr but also plan to play with iphoneography too.
  • The prompt is a suggestion that is 100% open to interpretation.
  • Post your link here to the specific post page to make it easy for everyone hopping over to your blog.
  • Hop on over and check out your fellow participants’ posts.
  • Your post does not have to be titled take a picture (unless you want it to be).  If your image inspires you to write about something you love, been meaning to blog about or that’s on your mind, go with it. If you’d like to do an almost wordless Wednesday, feel free. It’s up to you my friend.
  • Get ready, get set….shoot!