365 Grateful

Today is my birthday and for the first time in my adulthood, I am unequivocally alone and single. My relationship status on its own is not pivotal, however that combined with a transformed perception toward life, love and the future is. In the past few years I ended an increasingly tumultuous relationship, simplified my lifestyle and set goals that exceed my prior beliefs of what is possible. I see opportunity and freedom in my solitude. I am free to look inward, grow and change without compromise. Part of the simplifying process is feeling and expressing gratitude for what we already have. If we do not appreciate what is already present, it is easy to lose focus on what is ultimately important. Living simply with gratitude is key to living intently. Until we live with intention, it is easy to merely coast through life or stray from what we value.

To celebrate this birthday, I am embarking on a year long project, a daily practice of gratitude and reflection. Instagram is my favorite social media platform and I will be sharing an image each day with a note of appreciation. Some days will be deep and soulful while others may just be a pretty little or silly thing that caught my eye or made me smile. As I searched for gratitude projects online I stumbled upon 365 Grateful. Hailey Bartholomew, a filmmaker and photographer in Australia did just that in 2008 after meeting with a life coach who advised her the secret to happiness is reflection and gratitude. Self-reflection and gratitude can lead us down a positive path. On the flip side, those who do not reflect and appreciate their present are more likely to engage in poor life decisions as a result of their discontent. Hailey found the simple act of daily gratitude improved her marriage, spirituality and health.

I’ll be posting with the hashtags #mauishopgirl365 and #365Grateful. Please feel free to join me (and tag me) at any time. Your 365 can start on whatever day you wish. You can also follow my daily gratitude posting on Instagram – MauiShopGirl.

To read more about Hailey’s 365 project and film, visit 365 Grateful.

If you would like to embark on 365 days of gratitude but Instagram is not your thing, here are a few other options:

  • A gratitude journal
  • A daily tweet or facebook status update
  • A scrapbook or sketch pad
  • Chalkboard or white board on your desk or in your kitchen
  • An email to a loved one or group of friends
  • A phone app
  • Jot your daily gratitude down on a small slip of paper to fill a mason or cookie jar.
  • On origami or craft paper to be displayed

Also feel free to share what you are feeling grateful for today in the comments below.

Video via 365 Grateful on YouTube.

Things I’m Loving Now…Small Spaces

Form meets function is my mantra for small home interiors. Furnishings and storage that appeal to my sense of whimsy make my small space dweller heart sing.

Things Lax Series Wall Mounted Desk

The wall mounted desk and shelf by VIASHstudios for the Lax Series line is not limited to web surfing. A dining nook, entryway table, vanity, bar or buffet are just a few ways this piece can transform.

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Fantasia Ball 2014, IMUA Family Services

IMUA Family Services annual gala, the Fantasia Ball, is just days away! It will be a night to remember.


The Black & White Fantasia Ball will be held at the Hyatt Regency in Kaanapali on April 5th. Fashion, dining, shopping and more come together to support an extremely important and valuable resource for our Maui county families, Imua Family Services.

Imua Family Services mission is to provide comprehensive early childhood development services to children and their families with the support and resources needed to achieve their full potential in life. I attended the ball last year and learned so much about the services Imua offers our families and also listened to stories of keikis and their parents who have been helped by Imua.

The Fantasia Ball is a fantastic and fun event for a worthwhile organization and this year’s event will be no exception. It is truly one of THE events I look forward to each year. Here’s a few highlights on this year’s program:

  • Fashion collection showing by MONaRREZ, Chicago’s 2013 Designer of the Year
  • Original design showing by Fashion Technology Program Students from the University of Hawaii, Maui
  • An instagram contest with a prize from the Cos Bar at the Shops at Wailea.

Imua Fantasia Ball

You can read more about the Fantasia Ball  here and buy tickets here. I hope to see you there!

If you can’t make the Ball, come and dance the night away with us at the after party to end all after parties, Fantasia After Dark.

Imua AfterDark

All images courtesy of Imua Family Services.


Our Kaka’ako is an area in the heart of Honolulu that spans nine city blocks and is serving as a hub and incubator for creativity, art, entrepreneurs and chefs. Murals grace the sides of old buildings while pop-up eateries and independent home boutiques tempt you from the street level.

On a recent visit to Oahu my sister Gabi was eager to share one of her favorite new Kaka’ako finds, Quince. Her exact words – “it’s so you, thought of you immediately and know you’ll love everything”.

We walked in to the cozy shop space filled with fun paper goods and colorful home accessories. Gabi was right, I was HOME and adored everything. However, the happiest surprise was when I spotted the proprietor, my friend Marissa!

Marissa Selders (Dang), her brother Chris, his wife Cherie and I played tennis together on Oahu in women’s and mixed doubles leagues. I’ve always enjoyed chatting with Marissa who is artistic with great taste. A Punahou graduate who attended Georgetown University, Parsons and Chaminade studying art and design, she’s dipped her talents into fashion with handpainted dresses in a past venture, Poppy Dress. Now she’s directing her creative energy into interior design, space planning and her home boutique, Quince.

Mar (1)

Quince is filled with colorful and modern paper goods, gift items, home accessories, books and jewelry. Her selections appeal to those that love their functional pieces to also have a sense of humor and a dash of quirkiness. Price points are reasonable and it’s one of those shops with an assortment  so well edited, you won’t want to leave until you’ve seen every last bit.

The above product shots are via Quince’s instagram feed. I can’t wait to see her current stock on my next Honolulu hop skip!

Quince has recently moved to a different space in the same area and will be celebrating their grand re-opening tomorrow, March 21st from 5 to 8 pm.

Visit the Quince site for more links and info here.


Cindy Yokoyama founded Ginger13 in 2004 to create memorable and unique jewelry. I discovered Ginger13 and became a fan a few years later when I scooped up several pairs of her fun mismatched earrings at one of my favorite Honolulu shopping spots, Bamboo Sky. Lighting bolts and koi pendants dangling from beautifully formed hoops were perfect for weekends out or dancing downtown.

On a recent weekend jaunt to Honolulu, my sister and I decided to check out Chinatown, on the edge of downtown. Chinatown is undergoing a revitalization. Hip eateries are replacing dive bars and indie boutiques are filling once empty spaces. As we turned the corner by Hawaii Theatre, we stumbled upon the recently opened Ginger13 brick and mortar!

Ginger13 Collage 2

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