Back to the Basics – Everlane

I occupy myself on my lunch breaks by reading minimal wardrobe blogs to be inspired and also out of sheer curiosity (how does one make a 33 item wardrobe work in real life?). One name popped up again and again, Everlane.

Everlane U Neck Pine

U-Neck in Pine, $15

Everlane’s fabric colors are gorgeous and elegantly draped. The humble T is one of the workhorses of the modern wardrobe. It can be worn with anything from cutoffs to a tailored suit to a ball skirt. I prefer mine slouchy, lightweight and in neutral colors. Everlane fits the bill.

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Things I’m Loving Now

Severina Designs Maui Maile Bangle

 The Maui Maile Bangle by SeverinaDesigns, a Maui based Etsy jewelry artisan.

The maile leaf lei represents respect and honor.

The humble maile reminds me of happy times and life’s milestones.

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A Party To Remember – Poshmark’s Date Night

At 4 PM today (Hawaii time, of course) I will be co-hosting my very first Poshmark party. I never thought I could be so jazzed up about a virtual party but here I am, chomping at the bit. I can’t wait to share all my date night picks with my fellow poshers.


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Hex by Fetu

One of the things I love about Instagram is getting the daily visual scoop from my favorite independent lines and artisans from Hawaii. I’ve been following Lisa Deniz of Hex by Fetu from day one and she’s amazing. This busy Haleiwa mama of two not only bakes lip smacking cupcakes but also creates unique jewelry pieces. Her work is tribal meets girly, topped off with a smidge of industrial and a whole lot of glam.

Fetu Onxyx Gunmetal

Onyx, rhinestone chevron and a little spike action appeals  to the edgy urban chick who doesn’t want to forget where she came from, a rock in the middle of the Pacific.

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Tookata People

You all know I like a well-made bag, right? The thing is I also like a touch of quirk, something with a wink. If that bag doesn’t equal one month’s mortgage, I get even more turned on. Tookata People fits the bill. Their collections will elicit squeals of  “aiii, so kawaii” everywhere you tote them but look a little closer and you’ll see materials and construction that will appeal to your grown-up side too.

Tookata People Robot

I first discovered Tookata years ago at the Riches kiosk in Kahala Mall on Oahu. Riches is no ordinary kiosk. They carry unique jewelry bags and other accessories by brands not widely distributed. I still have my laptop bag and the Gaby satchel bought from Riches adorned with a cute hapa girl surfer surrounded by pink and purple. So, I don’t really need any more Tookata People but this Gaby in the Pink Robot collection gives me pause. If this was twitter, you know what my hashtag would be – #WANT.

The Gaby has a smooth leather exterior and a ton of pockets to organize your gear in a lovely medium modified duffle shape.  Tookata also offers pet carriers, laptop bags and small accessories in their limited collection prints including their classic Geisha girl and a modern day interpretation of Barbie. The whimsical prints are paired with classic shapes making it easy for anyone to add a little art to their arm from the office lady to the cool boho chick.

Image via Tookata People website.