Imagery beyond Borders: Life in Forty-Eight

I first stumbled upon BodhiKai Imagery and its creator, Melanie Barrow, on instagram. I was admiring one of Melanie’s shots and discovered she was a travel and nature photographer. We chatted a bit more, I disclosed photography was a new love for me and she gave me a tip for a very cool lens to try out. Since then, I’ve followed BodhiKai Imagery on Facebook and have also struck up a virtual friendship with Melanie. Although we have yet to meet in real life, I’m already in awe of her passion, talent and spirit. She is a mother, a devoted military wife, a veteran, a former chef and an adventurer with a serious case of wanderlust.

I was so excited to read about BodhiKai Imagery’s latest project – Imagery Beyond Borders: Life in Forty-Eight.

bodhikai graphic

Imagery Beyond Borders: Life in Forty Eight is a global photography project with the goal to bring together people from diverse international locations to bridge cultures, customs and geography through photography.

Each month in 2014, BodhiKai Imagery will send two disposable cameras to a different location. The recipient will document their daily life over the next 48 hours.

BodhiKai Imagery will publish a sneak peek in its upcoming travel photography magazine. The full project will be published in a special edition or book once completed. In 2015, an exhibition in Seattle will feature the project. A portion of the proceeds from the project will benefit the Fisher House Foundation.


You can learn more about the project on BodhiKai Imagery’s Facebook page.

All images provided by Melanie Barrow and should not be used without her express permission. If you are interested in purchasing prints from BodhiKai Imagery, check out the Etsy shop here.

Melanie is a Chicago native with deep roots in Hawaii. She currently resides in Gig Harbor, Washington, with her family. BohdiKai Imagery photography has been featured in Hawaii Magazine and the L.A Times and on CNN and Hawaii Five O, just to name a few. Melanie has also written several travel guides that have been featured in international publications. She also offers photography instruction.

Uniques…Da Pop-Up at the MACC

It’s the week before Christmas and I assume many of you are doing the frantic OMG I’ll buy anything tango at the mall. My suggestion is to keep calm and shop on at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center’s pop-up gallery gift shop, Uniques.

MACC Popup 1

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One of my favorite visits during Maui Open Studios was with Mystique, a montage artist in Maui Meadows.

Mystique 1

Mystique creates alluring composites of images inspired by her travels. Her work is filled with energy yet has a calming effect as the iconic faces, spiritual symbols, natural beauty and art blend seamlessly together in a mystical way.

Mystique 2

She creates with a pair of vintage scissors that has been in her family for decades. The intricate cuts give each montage an impression of texture and movement.

The art of Mystique is available in giclée or limited edition prints. You can view more of her work on her Facebook page, Kismet Editions. Kismet Editions is the official page for Mystique’s work and the art of watercolorist Patrick Sart.

Maui Open Studios is an island-wide event that takes place each February. Over ninety Maui artists and artisans opened their workspace and homes for self-guided tours throughout the month.

Feelgood Designs

Until now, I’ve always felt an intense aversion to rattan furnishings. You can blame my years of auditing hotels, working out of a suite with unattractive and snag-happy rattan living room sets with bad tropical prints.  Feelgood Designs of Melbourne has me not only accepting rattan but craving it. Feelgood combines contemporary design with craftsmanship to create a relaxing atmosphere for both commercial and residential spaces. Their collection includes classic pieces from Japanese and Scandinavian designers.


I adore this midcentury rattan hanging chair designed by Nanna Ditzel in 1957. Ditzel was a Danish designer who began her career in cabinet making and went on to design jewelry, textiles and furniture.


The Manta chair by designer Henrik Pedersen also caught my eye. This piece is technically on a steel frame but has a rattan feel.  Pedersen is a Danish designer of graphics, lighting, packaging and furniture. He is also the founder of 365°. The organic shape of this chair is a beautiful interpretation of the grace of the manta ray.

Is your outdoor space ready for spring? I’ve put a few comfy papasan chairs in the outdoor gazebo. Pass the prosecco and pull up a chair, let’s watch the sunset.

Images via Feelgood Designs.

Info on Ditzel via Nanna Ditzel Designs.

Info on Pedersen via BoConcept.


I’ve always found the practice of map making, cartography, fascinating. When I happen upon an artist inspired by the intricacy of maps, my heart skips a beat. Karen O’Leary’s work pulls together the art of the map and the simplicity of paper with her handcut creations.

StudioKMO Paris Handcut

She believes that a map is more than a navigational tool; it also tells us a story. When I view her work, I imagine what it would be like as a resident, walking through the urban grid visiting museums and dining at a street-side cafe.

StudioKMO offers handcut originals on Etsy like the beautiful Paris map above (my personal favorite).

StudioKMO Notecards

Original ink drawings, prints (including canvas stretch) and trading card collectible pieces are also available. The notepad set with a mix of cities is the perfect stationery for a traveler or anyone who dreams of places beyond their corner of the world.

All images via artist’s Etsy shop, StudioKMO.