About Me

I’m a Maui girl who loves design, organization and living well.  I adore small homes, big accessories and happy colors.  I strive to surround myself with things that make me smile and people that make me laugh.

Despite its moniker, mauishopgirl does not showcase shopping hauls or promote a shop til you drop lifestyle. It is my place to share my love of handmade objects, creative content, modern furnishings and an appreciation for vintage pieces. I want to inspire you to live a well designed life.

My focus is not to consume more for less but rather to mindfully select objects for our homes and lives that not only serve our needs but also those that make our hearts sing.  As a former excessive consumer, I firmly believe that many of us can find joy living with less in a smaller space but that good design is important to all aspects of our lives in both form and function.

I spotlight small boutique owners, artisans, vintage sellers and those who pursue a creative profession.  Having a personal connection to the objects and services we choose enhances our appreciation for what we have and buy for ourselves and others.  I also write about mindful consumption, small spaces and living with gratitude.  Mauishopgirl will also give you a peek into my own creative pursuits and a joyful life on Maui.

The name shopgirl comes from a fascination with the retail industry but not as much from a consumer standpoint. I’ve always been fascinated with how products are developed and made, merchandise selection, the art of visual display, the lifecycle of a trend, the psychology behind why we buy and how we perceive objects as an extension of ourselves or who we strive to be.   Shopgirl is the term to describe a young salesgirl, which I once was, at the former Hawaii department store, Liberty House. Shopgirl was the AOL handle of the passionate and knowledgeable bookstore owner in the film, You’ve Got Mail.  My days as a shopgirl was the start of my interest in design, the retail industry and assisting others in their search for the perfect gift or object that suits their needs. My ten years of working as a controller for an Italian luxury retailer in Honolulu fueled that interest even more.

Mahalo for visiting my corner of the blogosphere,

Tania Ginoza

I am a free lance writer and offer my services for press releases, copywriting, guest blogging and feature articles.  For all inquiries, please click on the contact me tab above.

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photo by Sue Hudelson (cropped from original)