Things I’m Loving Now…Small Spaces

by Tania Ginoza on April 20, 2014 · 8 comments

Form meets function is my mantra for small home interiors. Furnishings and storage that appeal to my sense of whimsy make my small space dweller heart sing.

Things Lax Series Wall Mounted Desk

The wall mounted desk and shelf by VIASHstudios for the Lax Series line is not limited to web surfing. A dining nook, entryway table, vanity, bar or buffet are just a few ways this piece can transform.

Things Chewing the Cud

Maika’s buckets are quirky, versatile and come in multiple sizes. I use a large and small to tuck away desk clutter like chargers and receipts. These canvas cuties are perfect for organizing (or hiding) odds and ends in the closet, kitchen or bathroom. Also perfect to dress up a potted plant or tie strings through the loops for easy hanging.  Another plus is the ability fold flat for storing when not in use. From Maika Goods. Also spotted at Quince in Kakaʻako on Oahu and at Paia Mercantile in Lahaina.

Things Shoe Ottoman

Do you work for shoes? This shoe ottoman offered by Wayfair has dividers in the lining to store your precious cargo. Don’t need an ottoman in your bedroom and don’t have a walk-in closet? In a small home, there are no hard and fast zone rules. Use this in in the living area as a foot rest and a coffee table (just top with a tray to hold your cocktail). Also perfect tucked next to or under an entryway table. For the manager or executive, this piece could also work in the office to store your heels while you commute in comfort and also serve as a hiding spot for your handbag. The avid knitter could also use this piece and its dividers for current projects.

Things French Laundry

The French Laundry totes from Horchow are so gorgeous with the French linen red stripe design. I love the stand alone functionality as most laundry totes are hung on bulky and unattractive (and unstable) racks that scream HIDE ME. This is a laundry sorter with an aesthetic you won’t mind showing off. The self-standing design also means the totes can easily be split up (say the dry cleaning in the closet and the laundry in the bathroom). The totes are also sold individually.

All images via merchants online shop.

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saverspender April 21, 2014

ALL super cute. I especially like canvas bags with prints on there.. like printed numbers. Very cool.

As for the floating desk, I like it, but I also like having a desk in front of a window or an open space, so unless it was mounted under a window…


Tania Ginoza April 22, 2014

It definitely could go under a window ;-) It’s so dirty here, I can’t keep tech stuff in front of the window unfortunately (I hook up a big screen to my laptop) but I definitely take the laptop outside when I feel that urge. But I actually float my desk for ease of cleaning (I hide it behind my bed which is centered in the room.


Lara April 21, 2014

I love that little drycleaning bag! My husband’s shirts are floating all over the back of the car–magnets to dog hair. Lovely. ;) You have such a good eye, Tania—truly.

Missin’ my tropical island—it’s raining buckets here.


Tania Ginoza April 22, 2014

Mahalo Lara and thanks for stopping by! Loved meeting you and wished we lived closer (but I know you’ll be back right?). Hopefully the rain stops soon. We’ve finally got pretty consistently sunny days now.


Elinor Gawel (Eli) April 24, 2014

I love that ottoman. Although this new place has plenty of storage.


Tania Ginoza May 19, 2014

I know right? As I simplify, I have to pull myself back sometimes. I love this ottoman too but I have a walk in with shoe shelves to the ceiling. Perhaps I should take up knitting and use it for that? Nice to hear from you and hope all is well in the new town!


Viola | MAIKA GOODS July 6, 2014

Love your selections! Thanks for including our bucket.


Tania Ginoza July 23, 2014

Thank you for stopping by! I have two of your buckets, one small and one large and love them!


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