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by Tania Ginoza on August 6, 2013 · 9 comments

One of the things I love about Instagram is getting the daily visual scoop from my favorite independent lines and artisans from Hawaii. I’ve been following Lisa Deniz of Hex by Fetu from day one and she’s amazing. This busy Haleiwa mama of two not only bakes lip smacking cupcakes but also creates unique jewelry pieces. Her work is tribal meets girly, topped off with a smidge of industrial and a whole lot of glam.

Fetu Onxyx Gunmetal

Onyx, rhinestone chevron and a little spike action appeals  to the edgy urban chick who doesn’t want to forget where she came from, a rock in the middle of the Pacific.

Fetu Turquoise

Turquoise on an antique bronze chain with a rhinestone pave spike is the perfect statement necklace for a boho babe in her bikini and crochet. It screams organic with just a whisper of bling.

Fetu Earrings

These white agate earrings are office and weekend appropriate. I love this pair for my friends who lean classic in their personal style. The perfect handmade accent for the well groomed wahine with shiny hair, dressed in Tory Burch and carrying a gorgeous structured bag.

Fetu Rhinestone Chevron

The silver rhinestone necklace was a custom piece and is great on its own with a cute dress but I can also picture it wonderfully jumbled and mixed with other statement pieces, a white T and beat-up denim.

Lisa also makes wrap bracelets using dyed and painted silk cords and incorporates wonderful color combinations into many of her pieces. I couldn’t feature everything here so please check her out on Poshmark (@fetu) or Instagram (@hexbyfetu).

Images courtesy of Lisa Deniz. I also wrote about Lisa’s cupcakes in an earlier post about my love of furikake (that’s right, you heard me, furikake and cupcakes).


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Shalagh Hogan (Say Shay-la) August 7, 2013

Tanya, I was just thinking about you. Did you ever think about becoming a buyer? You have such taste and knowledge. I adore those first bracelets. Hope you are well.


Tania Ginoza August 7, 2013

I need to stop by! I haven’t been blog hopping :-( Used to read blogs during my lunch break but *$#!@ AT&T’s network craps out at during mid-day. I’ll be by soon mama!

I’ve worked with buyers at Prada and have a ton of respect for them. It’s really a right and left brain job understanding margins, sell thru and what people will buy at what price point. Number crunching and creative passion at the same time. I was in charge of the back office functions (accounting/hr/inventory control/IT). I never thought I could buy for luxury but I would love doing an online shop or boutique. I’d say I like writing about it more but I enjoyed my younger self stint as a salesperson at Liberty House (a regional chain snapped up by Macy’s during their buying spree) and I also love selling on Poshmark so I think I’d like it. Not much need for it on Maui though unless you are the owner. I think buying, selling and feature writing has some similarity in the satisfaction one feels in helping people find that perfect item.

I know you used to own a store. I have been to the Magic trade show in Vegas to assist our retail shop manager at a prior job and had a blast looking at everything. I would imagine not everyone would get their jollies going to a buying trade show.


Shalagh Hogan August 8, 2013

I was kinda thinking that Hawaii wasn’t where you’d be a buyer. But I know you’d be Wonderful at it. You have numerous skills and talent and interests that, knitted together, would make you and a lot of other people really happy Tania. And being on your island makes you happy so you need to be there doing that, whatever that is.


Tahnya Kristina August 8, 2013

Those pieces are so beautiful! I admire anyone who can do something like that on their own. I wish I could!


Tania Ginoza August 21, 2013

Me too! She is such a sweetheart too, full of life!


Sylv Kikuyama September 9, 2013

I love every single one of the jewelry pieces. I like the organic and striking nature of the turquoise necklace. Does she have a website or a store? Where can one buy?


Tania Ginoza September 19, 2013

Hi Sylvia! Fetu sells on poshmark and etsy. Link to her poshmark closet and to her instagram (she posts lots of product shots there too) are in the post above. Here’s the etsy shop link: (she’s not as active there anymore but you could contact her on IG and ask her to put up a listing for you if you’re interested if that’s your preference and you don’t want to buy from poshmark).


Gloria Santos December 13, 2013

Great review! I purchased one of her pieces and I love her designs!


Tania Ginoza December 16, 2013

I love her stuff. I look at a ton of handmade jewelry in Hawaii and her ideas are very unique and stand out.


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