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by Tania Ginoza on June 10, 2013 · 8 comments

Something geometric to gaze at + something classic to adorn my tootsies + a European design that marries form and function = happy girl.

Things Mur Gold Triangle

Isn’t this wall fab? I love triangles and the distressed metallic color but I can’t paint, much less stencil, to save my life. No problem says Mur of Salt Lake City. These removable wall designs are easy to put on and take off. This means I can arrange triangles to my heart’s content until I achieve perfection. Image via merchant site.

Ferragamo Vera Classic

For those of you who know me well, you had to know this was coming. A girl can’t sell all her heels without finding a few replacements. I’m feeling a bit retro lately and have started to obsess about the “in” shoes from my years right out of college (by in, I mean with the office lady crowd). The Salvatore Ferragamo Vara shoe style was born in 1978 and is still going strong 35 years later. In the years since I began to see the Vara as an older woman shoe (of course that older woman was carrying Chanel and driving a Mercedes to Ala Moana Shopping Center). Now that I’m revisiting the more practical dress shoe, I’ve fallen in love with the Vara all over again. The Vara isn’t cheap so it’s more of a wish list item right now. Eventually I’d love to have two pairs, one black and a taupe. The Vara also looks chic with the clothes of today. I love the basic black with leggings or a dark skinny jean. The taupe would be great with a dress with an architectural hem or modern draping. If you don’t believe how current the Vara can look, just watch this beautiful video, 21 Girls 21 Days, starring the Vara. Image via one of my favorite online shoe destinations, Zappos.


Things All Modern Varier Variable Balans

I’ve been researching kneeling chairs for a long time and  finally took the plunge (or you could say I was pushed in head first by my recent nerve issues). I didn’t feel quite comfortable with most kneelers as those appeared to put the user in a kneeling position all day. As I read more about the Variable Balans chair by Varier, I was convinced. This chair is referred to as an active chair as it is intended to help the user vary their position throughout the day. There is also a back (not pictured and an add-on), which is a slim and curved piece of wood. The Balans was designed in Switzerland and many reviewers spoke about having, using and loving their chairs for 20+ years. The Balans was two to three times as much as cheaper versions but I went for it and have no regrets. I’ve had the chair for a week now and have seen such an improvement. My legs no longer feel numb or get crampy for an extended period of time while sitting and my lower back doesn’t bother me as much either. I’m only 5’1″ with shorter legs so most office chairs have seats that are much too large for me to properly support my back and legs. With this chair, I sometimes kneel on two legs but I can also put both legs up on the front pads, put one leg up/one leg down or kneel on one leg/the other leg down. The chair rocks so as you kneel on it, you rock forward and your back stays aligned in the proper neutral position. The idea is when my legs need a break from one position I can easily switch to another and I’m less fatigued by the end of the day. That said, you do still need to be very aware of your posture but with the Balans I find it much easier to  recognize my poor posture, adjust accordingly and maintain the proper alignment than I could with any traditional office chair. Another caveat is it is difficult to sit in this chair in a soft drapey jersey or silk material as I felt like I was sliding with my beloved maxi skirts on. I’ve been fine wearing jeans. The traditional Balans comes with a birch frame and different color options for the upholstery. Mine is birch with black but I think this all black is rather nice too and both options have a timeless style that works well with modern or traditional furnishings. I bought my chair on Amazon and the back from ErgoDepot but I loved the way one of my favorite sites, AllModern showed how lovely this piece can look in an home office space. Image via AllModern.

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Kelly Ospina June 11, 2013

Hi Tania,

I love the use of color in the first photo. I really like simple white with big pops of color in general, but this especially nice.

I need to look into an ergonomic chair, too. I sit all day at work and get very stiff and achy. My office chair at home is stuck in a semi-reclining position, which is even worse!


Tania Ginoza June 13, 2013

Simple white with pops is my favorite too :-) Btw, it helped me at work to also get up as much as I can. So I now vary my workflow so I change positions often. I get up and return staff’s work that I’ve reviewed more frequently (versus cramming out a big stack at once, I walk back and forth more times). I also place a bankers’ box on my desk and whenever I don’t need my computer (reading, signing checks, typing to dos into my ipad), I stand up with my items on that box (my own diy standing desk!).

Another thing I do is move my phone a bit farther on my desk and I stand while talking. I try to do a little filing or clean out old stuff a little bit every day because I can also stand and walk around.

It’s tough right to moonlight or have writing as a hobby? We need to be very aware of how much time we spend sitting you and I.


another jennifer June 11, 2013

I’ve never seen a kneeling chair. I’m short too and have trouble getting comfortable in a regular chair. Plus I move around a lot. I wonder if that would work for me. I’ll have to investigate more. Thanks!


Tania Ginoza June 13, 2013

Since you live on the mainland too, it should be easier to give one a try. I had to order sight (or butt) unseen so I was a little nervous about it. So relieved it worked out. The key to mine is I can sit in a variety of positions as I think kneeling all day wouldn’t be good either. I’m also intrigued by standing desk used with a counter stool or where the desk itself can move up and down. I’ve read standing all is not good either but a combination.

You work at home too right? So you can set up your office any way you’d like? I’m a little limited to some built-ins that have been at my company from the early days.


Stephanie June 16, 2013

Really enjoy reading your blog, especially posts about your favorite Maui shops, restaurants and cafes. We’ll be heading back to Maui later this year, usually we end up visiting annually, and will check often for ideas in Maui.

I write a small travel blog for 30-something travelers and was recently nominated for an award. Part of the process is nominating other bloggers and I’ve nominated you and Maui Shop Girl! Details can be found here –

Thanks for the great posts!


Tania Ginoza June 16, 2013

Hi Steph! Thanks for stopping buy and thanks for the Liebster award. I don’t participate in the blog award posts anymore but I’ll be sure to give you a shoutout in the next few days somewhere and will stop by your blog.

So glad you love Maui!


lisacng @ June 17, 2013

I actually LOVE the “blueprint” drawers in the first photo :). It’s nice to have everything piled “one high” instead of on top of one another so all can be seen :). One petite blogger loves her Ferragamo shoes. That’s the only reason I know of the brand! And would love an ergonomic chair like that one. I’ve heard they are really great. Maybe when I get back from maternity leave, I’ll have our company’s “ergonomic office” try to outfit something for me :). A few ppl in our division have elevated desks where they can sit or stand. That’d be nice right about now, 8 months pregnant.


Tania Ginoza July 2, 2013

I’d love a desk where I could alternate standing and sitting. I think doing both is key, standing all day is not good either from what I understand. I kind of made a makeshift standing desk (don’t be too impressed, it’s just a bankers box). I try to vary my position and move throughout the day. When I’m on the computer I sit, when I’m reading or signing checks/journal entries I stand using the box as my workspace and I try to get up at intervals to return work to staff, file, etc rather than say, going through my entire in tray without standing. I’d say I rarely sit for more than 20 minutes in a row now. That’s awesome you have a department that handles ergonomics.


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