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I’ve always found the practice of map making, cartography, fascinating. When I happen upon an artist inspired by the intricacy of maps, my heart skips a beat. Karen O’Leary’s work pulls together the art of the map and the simplicity of paper with her handcut creations.

StudioKMO Paris Handcut

She believes that a map is more than a navigational tool; it also tells us a story. When I view her work, I imagine what it would be like as a resident, walking through the urban grid visiting museums and dining at a street-side cafe.

StudioKMO offers handcut originals on Etsy like the beautiful Paris map above (my personal favorite).

StudioKMO Notecards

Original ink drawings, prints (including canvas stretch) and trading card collectible pieces are also available. The notepad set with a mix of cities is the perfect stationery for a traveler or anyone who dreams of places beyond their corner of the world.

All images via artist’s Etsy shop, StudioKMO.

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