Minimal Me…Maui Life

by Tania Ginoza on March 25, 2013 · 15 comments

Maui is an ideal spot to live a minimal life. While quite a few things are more expensive on the valley isle including gas and food, the casual lifestyle lends to a less is more vibe.

Palm trees Maui

  • Watching the sun rise or set is priceless yet cost nothing. The sunsets on Maui are spectacular, filled with vibrant colors. If you’re on the south side, you can also see Lanai and Molokini as a backdrop.
  • Most people could care less if you drive a BMW or carry the latest “it” bag.
  • Year-round mild weather means more time outdoors and less indoors, making small space living doable.
  • There are public beaches EVERYWHERE, nuff said.
  • Traveling twenty miles on Maui is generally three times faster than going the same distance on Oahu given similar circumstances.
  • A casual lifestyle means less need to dress to the nines, making it easier to rock a smaller wardrobe with less visits to the dry cleaner and cobbler. I confess I still have a huge closet, not very minimal, but I swear I’m working on it.
  • There are a ton of free or affordable community events including Friday town parties, festivals, films and music.
  • Local house parties are casual and outdoors with family style serving and folding tables in the carport. Elaborate place settings, centerpieces and a formal dining room are not necessary or common.

There a few things about Maui life that make a minimal lifestyle difficult. Businesses and homes are spread out here. It is not as easy to live without a car or to walk to dining and shopping as it is in an urban environment. Open undeveloped and agriculture land combined with strong trade-winds also makes keeping everything clean a challenge.

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