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by Tania Ginoza on February 25, 2013 · 6 comments

A few weekends ago, I was applying the minimal touch to my bathroom and vanity. Feeling pleased with myself, I shared a quick black and white shot of the soft light coming through the window on Instagram. Within minutes, inquiring minds wanted to know where in the world did I get my tako (octopus) shower curtain. My curtain is one of the many special offerings from Thomas Paul. By the way, this isn’t my bathroom. My bocha sanctuary is teeny tiny leaving no room for a modern tub and fancy barn doors.  

thomas paul tako octopus shower curtainThomas Paul got his start in fashion with a degree in textile design from FIT and an internship at DKNY. He first designed a neckwear collection, then began to apply silk mill printing technique to pillows; the rest is history.

The illustrations on Thomas Paul’s pillows, bedding, pouches, towels and other home objects are wonderfully detailed but always simple in color scheme with a modern shape. Each design reminds me of artwork found in vintage books.

Thomas Paul ChandelierThe luddite curtain is another favorite. Who wouldn’t want a chandelier above their soaking tub? Pass the bubbly please.

These curtains cost a bit more than I’d usually spend but the generous print pops; it makes the room. These are made of made of a high quality cotton canvas. My tako also came with a reusable ~13 x 14 inch pouch in the same fabric and print.

All images via the site of  Thomas Paul.

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lisacng @ February 26, 2013

OOoh, I love them both! How do you maintain their cleanliness and keep them from mildewing? The reason I don’t spend $$ on curtains is because I just toss them once they get gross.


Tania Ginoza March 6, 2013

It’s a fabric curtain so it hangs on the outside. You hang a liner on the inside. I bought my last liner from Ross, it said anti-mildew and so far it seems to be keeping it’s promise. I toss my liners too as soon as they’re yucks. So far, I haven’t had any fabric outside liner go bad on me (I usually get bored first).


Gloria Abaya February 27, 2013

Love the shower curtains by Thomas Paul, great idea. Rennovating house in Maui (bathrooms and kitchen) for the next 6-8 weeks. While recovering fro RC shoulder surgery.


Tania Ginoza March 6, 2013

Oh no! My tennis partner had problems with her rotator cuff too, I hope you heal quick.

I always try do a shower curtain I love and then a simpler rug. I think Hue in Kahului was carrying Thomas Paul but I don’t recall seeing the shower curtains. I waited until one of the modern design sites had a site-wide discount and then pounced.


Ann March 1, 2013

Very cool! I love it!!! By the way, no barn door in my bathroom either ; )


Tania Ginoza March 6, 2013

Now I want a barn door in mine, maybe a sliding one?


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