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by Tania Ginoza on February 14, 2013 · 14 comments

I have a closet bursting with linens and still can’t find two matching king pillowcases if my life depended on it.

Indigo Maui Duvet


A few short years ago I had one set of bed linens. Post-separation, I was living in a teeny-tiny ohana with the tiniest utility closet I’ve ever seen. On laundry day, I would happily wash my linens and promptly make the bed as soon as the dryer went ding. Well folks, it appears my one set has given birth to multiples and it’s a melting pot all up in here. Various shades of purple that don’t go together, a ton of standard pillowcases and duvet covers are crammed into my big utility closet. I blame Ross’s (who can resist a cheap pack of cases on a lunch break), a misplaced confidence in my non-existent ability to mix and match linens and the linen manufacturers’ who think we all are sleeping on queen beds with two standard sized pillows (seriously, throw in a few kings y’all, we need something to hug).

I started to notice I favor duvet covers and quilts with a black and white print. My one set of black sheets is pulled out time and time again. So I invested in an extra set of black sheets (and a pack of kings). This weekend the great linen purge is scheduled to exile all to the donation bag except for black and white pieces. In the future, impulse linen purchases of random colors and lavender are strictly prohibited. Black and white is our theme and we’re sticking to it. No new purchases are allowed to grace this place until another one gives up its dance card.

What’s up with all the ado about linens? I live in an 800 square foot studio space inspired by a hotel suite so my bed is prime real estate. It’s open for any visitors to see and is in constant view of moi. I love to hang there on the weekends playing with paper, reading or watching flicks. If my boudoir looks like a mess, half the space looks like a mess.

A few linen tips and tricks:

  • If you’re into b&w, you’ll love the blog Door Sixteen. Book cover designer Anna has fantastic b&w blankets and a way with interiors.
  • Speaking of blankets, I often wish I hadn’t fallen off the no duvet wagon. It is so much easier to fold and store a blanket or quilt.
  • Consider storing linens in the individual bedrooms they are intended for and save your big utility closet for other needs.
  • Stuff a sheet set into one pillowcase of the set so every piece is together.
  • Designate a minimal storage spot and determine how many sets you need (two is typically sufficient). It’s too easy to fall into the trap of continuing to add new linens without ever tossing the ones no longer needed.
  • Don’t toss that ugly zippered plastic bag the duvet comes in. It comes in handy for storing items under the bed (if you don’t ever need to do that, I applaud you).
  • If you’re not fussy about a perfectly made bed, you can make the bed while in it. Pretend like you’re making a snow angel under the covers. Slide out, straighten a little and woila!

How’s your linen closet? Are you the super organized minimal type who can make hospital corners and fold a fitted sheet like a pro or is it a big jumbled mess like mine?

The duvet cover pictured is from Indigo in Paia, a wonderful place with locally designed fair trade objects for the home and wardrobe. Topped off with an issue of W and my much loved kindle.

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