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by Tania Ginoza on January 17, 2013 · 4 comments

A love of words is the greatest love of all.

Thinkmap Visual ThesaurusHave you tried the Visual Thesaurus yet? This online tool by Thinkmap is the coolest thing since sliced Portuguese sweet bread (in my humble geeky opinion). You type in a word and bam! A visual map hovers on your screen. I chose hover because this interactive display isn’t stationery, it is in constant movement, inviting us to play with words, literally. Grab and pull a word and watch the diagram change. Click on the speaker to hear the proper prononciation. Roll over a word to see its meaning. Click on an outlying term to bring it to the center, creating a whole new image. Right click for an instant internet search of a synonym that is begging to be researched.

I use the Visual Thesaurus during my editing process to add more punch and variety to my writing. It’s my go-to productive distraction if I’m at a loss for words. Mapping random words that come to mind can also get my creative juices going. I once logged ten blog post ideas after a five minute map play.

All this verbal goodness doesn’t come for free but it’s well worth the $2.95 monthly or $19.95 annual fee. Thinkmap offers a free try and a fourteen day free trial so you can get a little taste. If you write (lyrics, blogs, bestsellers, love letters, memes to be incessantly shared on social media), you’ll love the Visual Thesaurus. Their site is worth a visit even if you don’t plan to jump on the map wagon at this time. The blog is all kinds of awesomeness with catchy titles like “Words we love to hate” and “Why do people love their language peeves”. Also check out their word of the day and maps for trending news and issues.


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