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by Tania Ginoza on December 10, 2012 · 5 comments

Valerie Lloyd of Seattle based Smile Mercantile is one of those chicks I would love to meet in real life.  She began to shoot fine art photography with antique cameras and embraced the imperfections from an older lens as part of the style of her work.  As a result, she began to appreciate vintage objects with a history.  Smile Mercantile is a well edited shop with selected vintage pieces and handmade items.

The clothespin angel ornament is adorable and made with vintage sheet music from the 40s.

The metallic acorn ornaments have real pine cone pieces.  These will add a bit of organic with a touch of sparkly to your Christmas tree.  I also like the idea of placing a few in a bowl in the entryway.  The acorns also come in a rose gold (LOVE) and several different shades of green.  I confess that I momentarily stopped writing this post to purchase the rose gold and a glittery moss green set.  I plan to bring a few out each year in September and pin to my mood board, bring a bit of fall fantasy to Hawaii.

If I ever get married again, I want a vintage music sheet bouquet.  Flowers are divine but paper lasts longer.

Smile Mercantile also has wonderful fabric heart and ball ornaments, vintage buttons and a iconic Kodak Brownie camera in their offerings at the writing of this post.

All images via merchant’s online etsy shop.  I think her product photos are lovely too, don’t you?

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