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by Tania Ginoza on December 17, 2012 · 1 comment

Japanese brides in Hawaii have a tradition where they mount or otherwise arrange 1,001 origami cranes into the shape of their mon (family crest) or other image of special meaning.  These works of art are  displayed at the reception and later in the newlywed’s home as a reminder of their commitment to each other and the joining of two families.  I love origami craft for every day and the ethereal feel the intricate folds brings to a table top display or even as holiday ornaments.  One day I was browsing etsy for ideas on origami projects and I happened upon bY Mi, an etsy shop in Scotland.

Hannah of bY Mi loved her origami paper art but sought to make her creations longer lasting.  She began to experiment with cotton and silks and the result is lovely.

The red cotton reindeer stag.

The heart bookmark.

The silk gold crane.

All images via merchant’s etsy shop

If you enjoy non-traditional origami, also check out Yoyo! ferro on Tumblr.  I’ve been following Yoyo on twitter and instagram and his origami art is always unexpected and entertaining. From yodaisms to a crane saying quack to a rubber duckie, Yoyo’s origami world always makes me laugh and think “how did he do that?!”.  Lately, he’s been posting sketches but just scroll down through his archives here to see his origami shots.

To learn more about Japanese traditions in Hawaii, my favorite resource is Kokoro: Cherished Japanese Traditions in Hawaii.  Kokoro was published by the Japanese Women’s Society of Honolulu in 2004.  My ex mother-in-law gave me a copy one year for Christmas and it’s a book I refer to often and will never part with.  It’s a great resource on the meaning and history of our local traditions but is also chock full of how tos.  Kokoro has recipes for mochi and sushi rice, instructions with diagrams on how to make a Japanese paper doll, a guide on hashi (chopstick) etiquette and much more.  Kokoro is available from individual sellers on Amazon.

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