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by Tania Ginoza on November 14, 2012 · 7 comments

Moving to another island wasn’t easy. Not only did I have to pack way too much boxes and tearfully say goodbye to my friends and family on Oahu but I also had to rebuild my rolodex from the ground up.  

I had been with the same stylist for ten years on Oahu and loved her (Tiffany Nakada).  It was as hard to say goodbye to Tiff as it was my closest friends.  So, I was thrilled and relieved when I found the hair guru of my Maui dreams, Marc Tolliver.

As I searched for a stylist on Maui, I stumbled on Marc’s business page for his salon, Lava 405 Hair.  One thing that struck me in a positive way is everything in his profile demonstrated a love of learning from and teaching others.  I also liked that he was located in Kihei and had flexible appointment times for a hard working office lady like myself. I booked my first appointment and wasn’t disappointed.  I recently asked Marc to sit down with me for breakfast so that I could learn more about him.

Marc began his career in Chicago and continued to hone his craft in California.  He has studied at Vidal Sassoon and has worked for the Grand Wailea, Four Seasons Spa and as a trainer for Paul Mitchell.

It was at Paul Mitchell that he discovered how much he enjoys teaching, motivating others and public speaking.  In addition to being a salon owner, Marc teaches courses at Maui College’s EdVenture program and is an awareness coach/educator with Life Creations Edu.  He helps stylists and others fill the gap between their industry knowledge and managing a business by coaching them on how to create a framework to help their business grow. Marc guides his clients on pragmatic skills than can include how to build a clientele and review a budget.  He also works with them on personal growth such as improving one’s discipline to meet their goals.

I asked Marc how he became interested in doing hair and he talked about how he’s always been fascinated with old movies and the strong but glamorous leading ladies like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Rita Hayworth and Joan Crawford.  Marc grew up as an active contributor to community theatre as an actor and dancer.  He comes from a family who appreciates the performing arts, including his mom, who studied at Julliard.  Today he continues to be active behind the curtain with MAPA, Iao Theater and Pro Arts but hopes to return the stage in the future.

Marc has always provided me with great service and I’ve always loved what he’s done with my hair.  I’ve  abandoned my high maintenance ways since moving to the valley isle so I refuse to fight with my hair any longer.  I couldn’t have done it without Marc’s wonderful cuts.  Because of his experience in theater, fashion shows and photo shoots, he can also take me to a more dramatic hair place if my life suddenly takes a glamorous turn.  Marc fully embraces technology in his business and you can view his availability and book all appointments online.

You can learn more about Marc or book an appointment here.

I look forward to each and every appointment with Marc not only because he does great hair but also due to his positive spirit, great taste, professionalism and continuous drive to learn and become a better version of himself.  

Image via Marc Tolliver. That gorgeous girl in the pic with Marc is not me by the way.

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lisacng @ November 15, 2012

Love that you found a great stylist and love even more that you sat down with your for a lil interview! What a wonderful guy!


another jennifer November 15, 2012

It’s so hard to find a good stylist. Looks like you found yourself a great one!


Sarah P November 15, 2012

I so resonate with this! When I found out we were moving thousands of miles away, my first question was “Who will cut my hair?!” Thankfully, I’ve also found a great new stylist and I’m glad you’ve got this guy on your side :)


Tania November 15, 2012

Doctors were another thing! I didn’t go to the dentist for awhile because I kept putting off finding a new one. Btw Sarah, I lived on Oahu for 20+ years so don’t hesitate to hit me up for recommendations.


Jen November 15, 2012

Finding a good stylist who knows how to cut your hair is hard to find. I have a hard time finding a stylist who can handle my hair. It’s not that I have difficult hair, but I do have a lot of it. Curse for being Okinawan, which you could understand. Every time I hear a stylist say, “wow, you have a lot of hair” for me that’s the kiss of death. I just have a hard time conveying what I want. I mean, I would bring in a photo, but I can never find one perfect for my face shape, etc. You are so lucky to find someone great!


Tania November 15, 2012

It doesn’t look like it when you first see me but YES! I have a ton of hair but it’s so straight I think only people who cut it realize it.

Try Tiffany Nakada! I can private message you her number, just let me know. She used to be in the building across from Ala Moana (above Bank of Hawaii).


Jen November 16, 2012

Yes, please!!! That would be great.


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