Ten things I love about Maui…

by Tania Ginoza on October 28, 2012 · 20 comments

  • My mom and dad are here.
  • My friends from hanabata days through my crazy teen years live here or still have ties to Maui and come home to visit.  We all make new friends as we make our way through life but there is nothing that compares to someone who knew you way back when and still loves you today.
  • You can clearly see the stars and moon at night.
  • Slippas are perfectly acceptable footwear for most pau hana or weekend activities, including a nice meal out.
  • Seeing gorgeous blue sky and puffy white clouds or beautiful mountains above acres of agricultural or open land with very few tall buildings getting in the way of the view.
  • Upcountry road trips to spend time with family and friends with its mist, cool air, green landscapes and gorgeous view.
  • Weekend mornings watching the humpbacks flap their massive tails or leap with abandon.  Seeing a whale breach is addictive, you can never get enough.
  • Jumping in or gazing at the ocean and spotting a honu swimming by or peeking its head out of the water.
  • Living a simpler life.
  • In the late afternoon and early evening, many people gather together with loved ones on their patios, in their backyards or at the beach to watch the beautiful sunset. Maui’s sunsets are truly spectacular.

Glossary for my lovely mainland and international readers:

Hanabata days = when we were children.  Hana is Japanese for nose and bata is pidgin English for butter. Growing up, we called the stuff that comes out of your runny nose hanabata (snot! sorry for that visual).  As children often have runny noses and no tissues while playing, we refer to our childhood time as hanabata days.

Slippas = rubber flip flops.

Pau hana = after work. 

Honu = the Hawaiian green sea turtle.  If you do visit Hawaii and see a Hawaiian green sea turtle, please be advised the Honu is a protected species and should be treated with respect and Aloha.  Observe the turtle from a distance only. Do not attempt to touch it, feed it or play with it.

The above pau hana sunset pic was taken in Kihei at Kalepolepo Park using my iPhone.

What are some of your Maui loves?

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