Take A Picture…Pretty in Pink

by Tania Ginoza on October 23, 2012 · 15 comments

In front of our home is a beautiful bougainvillea plant in the prettiest of all pinks.  Although bougainvillea is a hardy plant, the leaves of its blossom always reminds me of the most delicate tissue paper.

Let’s link up and blog hop! Did you join this week’s challenge?  I can’t wait to see your image interpretation of pretty in pink.  Add your specific post url by the froggie at the bottom of this post, you’ve got one week to add your link.

Next week’s prompt is…

Eerie Beauty

I’ve decided to put the the very flexible easy peasy rules for the take a picture challenge on its own page.  Click here if you’d like to join in!

Here’s a few ideas for this week’s challenge in case you need a little spookspiration…

  • Nature can be beautiful in an eerie way as a silhouette as the sun goes down.
  • Consider shooting in black and white or use photo editing software to create the effect on your iPhone (Vintage Camera, Instagram, Old camera) or online (iPiccy).  Adding a photo effect like vignette can also make your black and white shot have an eerie vintage look.  There are iphone apps like Powercam with varying filters that could help achieve an eerie shot in low light.
  • Simple florals can be eerily beautiful against the right backdrop or scattered over gravel or wood shavings (think all white calla lilies with long stems) and possibly in black and white.
  • Shoot a loved one in their spooky costume on a low aperture to get great bokeh or use ipiccy to get a similar effect.
  • Shoot your pumpkin or other Halloween decor.
  • Make your own ghostly effects by shooting in low light on a very slow shutter speed. Have your subject stay perfectly still for a transparant image or have your subjects move around, wave their arms, do some sort of movement for a blurry ghost effect.  If you google ghost effect photography, there are many great posts to read.  Since you’ll be on a slow shutter speed, you will need a tripod.
  • Get inspired from this eerie beauty board on pinterest (I would love to be able to shoot shots like these one day, but right now, whoosh…over my novice head but how inspirational!).  Sometimes I like to google my prompt to see if anyone else has used it and I stumbled upon this wonderful curation of eerie and artistic shots.
Happy shooting!

Here’s a link to last week’s photo post “old”.  There were some great posts.  Mahalo for all who participated.

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