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by Tania Ginoza on October 30, 2012 · 15 comments

It’s been quite a week, hasn’t it?  On Saturday, at about 7:30 PM, a tsunami warning was issued for Hawaii due to a quake in Canada.  My family and I live at a high elevation so there was no need to evacuate but many along the coast did move to higher ground.  Fortunately the waves and surges that did reach Hawaii at about 10:30 PM did not cause any serious damage and no one got hurt.

The East Coast was not as fortunate and are now dealing with the aftermath of hurricane Sandy.  I am so relieved that one of my very close friends and her family in Connecticut are safe and have power but my heart is heavy for those who are without a home, power or have a lost a loved one due to the storm.  My thoughts and prayers go out to you.

Take a picture…

When my family first moved to Maui Meadows in the early 70s our lot was filled with kiawe trees.  We spent many weekends clearing off the property and pulling long and thick kiawe thorns out of our shoes.  I hated clearing the yard and dealing with scary thorns so I’ve never appreciated the kiawe tree.  Many years have since passed and there are no longer any kiawe on our property.  There are still quite a few kiawe in the undeveloped areas around us and then there is this tree, which hangs out over the ocean off of the walking path just beyond Wailea beach.  I’m always struck by its eerie beauty during daylight but especially as the sun begins to drop.

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Happy Halloween y’all!  I’m looking forward to hopping by your domain with all its eerie beauty.

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lisacng @ expandng.com October 31, 2012

Oh my gosh, a tsunami warning?? Good to hear you are ok, and so is your friend in CT. We didn’t get hit badly here in DC, but I think ppl along the coast in New Jersey and New York are pretty devastated.

What a beautiful sunset and silhouette of the tree! Great detail in even the tiniest of branches. What an interesting story you have with the kiawe tree — loathed it as a child, but now are drawn to it in adulthood.

This was a fun challenge! I prolly won’t be joining every week due to lack of creativity ;) or other photo-topics I’d like to post about on my blog. Hope you aren’t offended! I’m sure you wouldn’t be because you understand, but I just wanna make sure :).


Tania October 31, 2012

No problem Lisa! Just use the prompt when it is a good fit for you anyway. My whole idea was that I would prompt myself and since I was doing that anyway I’d share it with others and give them an opportunity to use my prompt and get a place to link back to their blog at the same time.

If you’d like to suggest a future prompt, feel free too. I usually try to do prompts that can be applied to varying types of blogs, lifestyles etc. I’ll include a credit and a linkback to you if I use a prompt you have suggested.

I’m glad to hear you are ok, I was wondering.


lisacng @ expandng.com November 1, 2012

I’ll keep my mental eye out for a good prompt :)


another jennifer October 31, 2012

Tsunami warnings just seem so much more scary than hurricanes and earthquakes (to me, anyway). Glad to hear everyone is okay.

I love your picture. There’s something just so grand about a tree like that.

Happy Halloween!


Tania October 31, 2012

I’m much more scared of hurricanes because you can’t always get away. So far our tsunami warnings in recent years have been just warnings and the actual waves were not as destructive as they potentially could’ve been but I do believe one day we may get hit worse and need to be prepared for that. In the 60s, before we had the knowledge and technology we have now there was a lot of property damange and loss of life in Hilo because people didn’t know to move to higher ground.

I’m glad to hear you are ok after the storm!


Ihilani October 31, 2012

So pretty! Kiawe always had that foreboding look to me as well, with its’ gnarled branches and thorns. It’s not the most friendly tree (I also heard it’s a water hog) so it’s perfect for this challenge. That sky is also stunning. Happy Halloween!


Tania October 31, 2012

I still don’t want kiawe trees anywhere in my yard, those thorns are really scary and now our slippas are much thinner than back in the day, they’d go right through. I don’t know that about being a water hog as they seem to be located in dry areas. I do love trees that remind me of Ichabod Crane on a bigger scale and against a blue sky or a sunset.

Happy Halloween to you too! I hope packing is going ok.


Elinor Gawel (Eli) November 1, 2012

I really love the shape of that tree. And the sky is just right. The color and clouds are perfect. Thanks for the prompts they are keeping me thinking and have added a new dimension to my blog that I hope to flesh out a little more with the “nearly wordless Wednesday theme.”


Tania November 2, 2012

I’m so glad the prompts have helped Eli. I wanted to give myself a prompt and ensure I put up an original photo each week (hopefully get out and about too). So, I thought I might as well share that prompt with everyone and give them an opportunity to get a link back to their site too.


Ann November 5, 2012

Glad you were not hit!

Perfect photo! Love your prompts! I know I am super late. Had a business trip and now trying to catch up. Will see what I have or maybe wait for next week’s : )


Tania November 6, 2012

The prompt for next week is very open so I’m hoping it’s an easy one. Whenever the prompt speaks to you, no pressure.


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