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by Tania Ginoza on October 16, 2012 · 12 comments

This week’s challenge was to shoot something old.  You could shoot something aged, well loved, with decay or rust or with a bit of history. I decided to go the industrial route using my vintage camera app on my iphone.

This old piece of equipment stands in front of the Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum in Puunene.  The museum is open to the public and contains a piece of Hawaii history and insight into the early days of plantation life.  Maps, tools and household objects share the space with informational exhibits on how cane is processed into sugar.   Many Maui residents are descendants of immigrants who moved to Hawaii to work on the sugar plantations and have multiple generations that have worked or continue to work in the agricultural industry.  Hawaii is known as the melting pot of the Pacific and quite a few ethnic groups got their start in the islands in plantation communities.

For more history and photos of plantation life, you can attend the Lahaina Restoration Society’s annual event, Lahaina Plantation Days, held this weekend, under the old Pioneer Mill smokestack on the west side of Maui.  Live music and a variety of food booths make this event good fun for the entire ohana.

I attended this event last year with my father who grew up in the Puukolii camp in Lahaina.  We read the history of the labor strikes, reminisced about an old family friend at the display of his ham radio collection (Mr. Yano) and ate some ono food.  We also found our family’s home on the maps (each home on the map is marked with the family’s name who lived there) and found that the Ginoza home was just a few houses away from the obake house!  Obake is Japanese for a preternatural being but often used for ghost in Hawaii.  I posted the picture of the map on facebook and immediately got a response from other friends who wanted to know if I had seen their families homes on the maps.  Dad explained many things to me at the event as all the objects and pictures brought up memories and opportunities to educate me on how different his young life was from mine.  Throughout the years, I’ve always felt a sense of humility and gratitude for how hard my grandparents worked to provide more opportunities, including education, for their children.  That night I spent with dad reinforced my appreciation for my grandmother and the grandfather I never knew.

You can read about my family’s plantation days (one of my most read posts!) with many old pictures here or you can read and see pics from last year’s event here.

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