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by Tania Ginoza on September 20, 2012 · 8 comments

The other week I’m surfing on my Apple TV when I notice Hulu Plus is now available!  I don’t have cable in my boudoir, just the Apple and a dvd player, so the discovery of additional streaming options without engaging the laptop is pretty damn exciting for this blogger.

Now that I’ve been dancing the hulu for a few weeks, I’d like to share with you a couple of my picks.  I apologize for the terrible hula hulu joke but I couldn’t resist, go ahead, bang a gong, if you must. There is a trend in my choices. I seem to be watching a lot of young, brunette and geeky but in a cool, quirky and downtown sort of way protagonists.

First on the lineup is Dating Rules From My Future Self by Alloy Entertainment.  I love the concept of this series. It’s a web series and all the episodes are under ten minutes long. Do you ever wonder how your life would be different if you could go back and give the younger version of yourself advice? I know I do and that is the premise of this adorable series.  Lucy seems to have it all but something is amiss. Her fiance is not the ONE and deep down she knows it but is tempted to keep the status quo because he seems right on paper.  Lucy rides a beach cruiser, wears geek girl meets shopbop outfits,  and shares a great pad with her girlies.  If you don’t have Hulu Plus, you can also watch the full series their FB page or YouTube channel.

My second pick is New Girl by Fox Broadcasting starring Zooey Deschanel.  If you don’t know Zooey, she is the poster girl for cool geeky brunette and I totally mean that as a compliment.  She plays the delightful and perky Jess who moves in with three dudes after catching her BF misbehaving.  Jess is a schoolteacher with a model best friend who makes up theme songs to fit the awkward pause moment.  Jess and the dudes live in a fantastic open loft-like space.  Season 1 is available on Hulu Plus and also on Fox.  Season 2 starts on September 25th on Fox!

Last but not least is an award winning indie flick, Tiny Furniture.  Aura has just graduated from college and moved back home to bunk in her artist/photographer mama’s very hip TriBeCa loft fresh off of a breakup from her burning man college boyfriend.  The relationship between Aura, her sister and her mother is complicated yet sweet as she’s still in the adult child phase.  She hasn’t fully accepted responsibility yet for her life course yet and is just drifting along with slacker boys while treating the loft as a well stocked dorm room and playing the woe is me card with her mother.  The loft’s orderly and efficient storage built-ins are almost like another character in the movie as is her mother’s studio displaying her images of tiny things.  Aura is played by Lena Dunham who also directed and wrote the screenplay.  Her mother and sister also play her family counterparts.  If you enjoy HBO’s Girls, you’ll also enjoy Tiny Furniture.  Dunham is also the lead character and creator of Girls.  The sexy Jemima Kirke, also from Girls, plays Charlotte, Aura’s best friend.

So, there’s my picks from two weeks of Hulu watching.  What are your recommendations for Hulu Plus or Netflix?  

Haven’t tried Hulu yet?  Like Netflix, Hulu is short on huge blockbusters but big on indies and tv shows. One advantage is that Hulu seems to have more shows that are currently on the air than Netflix including premiere episodes for new series. The downside is Hulu isn’t commercial free as Netflix is.  Hulu Plus is $7.99/month at the writing of this post.


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