My mellow Maui weekend…

by Tania Ginoza on January 30, 2012 · 12 comments

Well…I’m still sick, apparently my flu turned into a sinus infection. So, although I’m feeling much better, I’m still feeling the fatigue and have a very chesty cough.  So, I decided to skip the Maui Motocross Association picnic, the Buy Back the Beach event and a baby shower up country for the BF’s sis, Sandi.  Started a round of antibiotics, got some rest and cleaned my shelter (all the dust was killing me, one sinus at a time).  I still found time for a little fun, albeit very relaxing and mellow fun (the best kine, in my opinion).

Except for a quick trip to the doctor’s office, I spent my entire Saturday at the casa. But no worries, I wasn’t lonely. Da girlies from next door came over to visit.  They are the best kind of company, very social (lots of hugs and kisses) and they no scared make themselves at home.

Realizing what a beautiful day I missed on Saturday and waking up feeling very congested, I decided to drive down the hill to Wailea Beach on Sunday morning. Anyone who grew up in Hawaii will tell you their dad or grandpa always took them to the beach for a little vitamin D and sea to cure what ails them (congestion wise…if you have a fever, stay home please).  As long as I was planning on lying around, I figured I might as well clear the sinuses with some fresh air.  It was a beautiful day, not too windy and I always enjoy seeing families having fun in the sun…visitors and locals.

After da beach, it was time to replenish the kitchen coffers.  I went to my favorite Kihei grocery and health food store, Hawaiian Moons. They have a great selection of local and organic veggies including some beautiful curly kale.  Their tea selection is one of the best, many choices from Yogi, Pukka or Tazo.  I also picked up a kombucha, some goat cheese from Kula’s Surfing Goat Dairy and boxed organic soups.  Then it was on to Safeway’s pharmacy plus a few other fridge and pantry essentials.  I also searched for juice, something aloe based (did you know it’s good for chronic reflux too?) and found Appeal by Alo made with aloe, pomelo (jabong) and grapefruit juice. It was delicious, with jabong pulp floating in it, I was in heaven.

How was your weekend?


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