Reuse – Louvered Bifold Doors

by Tania Ginoza on July 20, 2011 · 7 comments

My mom is handy and resourceful.  I grew up storing my magic markers in old laundry detergent bottles with the front cut out and faces drawn up on the front.  Plastic grocery and ziplock bags weren’t thrown out but instead cleaned and hung on a special homemade drying rack. Mom was into reduce, reuse and recycle long before it became trendy.

So, what does a handy and resourceful woman do after she replaces all the 30 year old louvered bifold closet doors in the house?  Go to the dump?  Oh hell no.  She makes a doggie condo silly.

The house that mom built

The condo is under a huge tree right in the afternoon breezeway making it one of the coolest spots on the property.  The inside is large enough to hold two dog beds with plenty of space to mingle. There is a floor made of capping stones with painted paw prints.

The dogs typically run free throughout the property but the condo comes in handy for those moments you need to keep them in one place for their own safety.  Moi moi loves it and can often be found napping in her sanctuary on a hot afternoon.

Recycled doggie condo – hot, chain link dog kennel – not.

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Dani-girl August 10, 2011

I love your Mom! Blog looks great Tania.


Tania August 10, 2011

Thanks Dani. I love her too, even though I always tease about her endless inventory of lattice and duct tape.


Tiffanie January 1, 2012



Tania January 1, 2012

my mom is the cat’s meow…she can draw too and is a fantastic writer but is also a whiz at calculus. I can do only one of those things.


Lisa May 17, 2012

Doggie condo, I love it! Those doors provide great natural ventilation through it. Do the dogs sublet it for the summer ;)


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